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At Elite LA Patios we aim to be a whole outdoor living solution company. We have a range of products and services to address almost every outdoor living space need you might have(with the exception of pools!) Our pergolas are built with only the highest quality, military-grade aluminum frames and we offer a wide variety of roofing solutions to complete them. Add custom LED spotlights, fans, or ambient LED lights for a personal stylish touch. Pull out all the stops and add a motorized drop-down screen to enclose your patio cover for more protection from the wind and bugs or water feature from your pergola to the pool.

Complement your structure with a color-matched custom fence or gate, privacy wall, or maybe a decorative splash of pattern with our gorgeous laser-cut Pergo-Soleil panels.

Our master concrete team can construct any wall, barbecue, bar, fire pit, or other specialty concrete project you may need. Our team of hardscape installers will complete your flooring with the design pavers or custom concrete finishes of your choice.

4K Aluminum Line

4K Aluminum line of building material boasts sleek and modern lines, the highest quality 6160 T6 aircraft alloy aluminum, and an unrivaled powder-coat paint finish. Custom design of almost any structure you can imagine; from the simple lattice pergola to our impressive cantilevers, to privacy walls, fencing, and more. The options are endless!

To learn more about the 4K line, view the gallery, and read FAQs, please click below.

Elite L.A. Patios - Products & Services - 4K Aluminum Line
Elite L.A. Patios - Products & Services - Louver Roof Awnings and More 01

Louvers, Awnings, & Roof Options

Our Elite L.A. Patios louvered roof pergolas are built with horizontal, slanted slats that open and close to adapt to the changing weather. This industry leader, all-inclusive control system rotates the louvers to personalize your louver roof experience with integrated LED lighting, downlights, fans, heaters, spotlights, or changing color LED lights. Relax & entertain in your backyard with a louvered roof patio designed with only the highest levels of finish and engineering.

Louvers, Awnings, & Roof Options (cont.)

Create the perfect space-saving postless awning for your home over patios, windows, or doors to create the most stylish and modern finish! Custom-created with 4K Aluminum frames in one of five beautiful standard colors and finished with open lattice or solid roof options.

Elite L.A. Patios - Products & Services - Louver Roof Awnings and More 02
Elite L.A. Patios - Products & Services - Louver Roof Awnings and More 03

Louvers, Awnings, & Roof Options (cont.)

Want a solid roof but don’t want to lose the sunlight? Then one of our polycarbonate solid roof options might be the best solution for you when finishing your pergola! Insulated, multi- layer high-quality polycarbonate locks together to create a protective, water-tight seal and reduce temperature underneath by 40 to 60%! As well, a built-in SPF layer protects you and expands the life of your furnishings. Available in clear, ice, and smoke grey.

Louvers, Awnings, & Roof Options (cont.)

If a static solid roof is what you’re looking for, with total shade and rain protection, our 3-inch insulated roof panels or interlocking flat panel roof systems might be for you! Available in white, both systems create water-tight solid shade for any of our custom structures. Our 3-inch insulated roof panel is the most solid with the option for recessed lighting or fan installations and weight bearing for roof access. Our more economical 6-inch flat panel solid roof offers a smooth board look interlocked for a watertight seal but minus the ability for direct mounting into the panels or walking on top.

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Elite L.A. Patios - Products and Service - Hardscaping and Flooring

Hardscaping & Flooring Solutions

With years of experience and skilled installers, Elite LA Patios can transform your cracked concrete, dying grass, or uneven dirt areas into sheek, low-maintenance, and long-lasting beautifully designed hardscaping solutions. Our design pavers come in a range of styles, sizes, and colors and are expertly installed to offer you the most stable interlocked and beautifully finished flooring you can imagine. And every job is finished with only the highest grade of polymeric sand, which seals every crack and seam and hardens the paver area into a cohesive, flawless finish that won’t shift, lift or see any weeds popping up through the cracks!

Our concrete specialists can create standard or custom-colored concrete flooring, stamped concrete, or pour-in-place cement paver stones to finish your outdoor design aesthetic to exactly your preference.

Custom Gates, Fences, & More

Using our 4K Aluminum line as a high-end lumber alternative, Elite LA Patios can design and install a beautiful custom fence or gate with a variety of sizes for posts and slats. Complement your patio cover perfectly with a color-matched privacy wall to shield the neighbor’s view or cover an unsightly wall; or create a backdrop from a TV mount or perhaps utility shelves; or a wraparound cover with door to hide bulky AC or pool equipment; use our laser cut decorative Pergo-Soleil panels to drop artistic accents in your yard as a plant or vine backdrop or to liven up a boring border wall… We can’t wait to hear how YOU want us to apply this material to your next custom outdoor project.

Elite L.A. Patios - Products & Services - Custom Gates, Fences, and More

Louvers, Awnings, & Roof Options FAQs

The louvers are controlled by a button on the structure as well as a remote control.

Yes, when installed properly and fully closed, the water will run into the gutters and downspout and the interior will be completely waterproof.

The same military grade, powder coat painted 4K aluminum as the structure!

Yes, we offer one line of light-weight static, manually controlled louvers. The material is still extruded aluminum and powder-coat paint finished.

Hardscaping & Flooring Solutions FAQs

The most expensive but hands down best way to finish and seal your pavers, is with polymeric sand. When wet down after installation, it hardens between the joints of the pavers into a cement like binder. It is the only way to ensure rock-solid pavers that won’t shift, allow anything to grow between them and give you the longest life of your new hardscape. It is the only way Elite LA Patios does pavers!!

We offer a full range of sizes, shapes and color combos in beautiful pavers, as well as custom concrete in a variety of colors, custom stamped or for patio areas, stone tile or composite deck tile options.

Traditionally in the past, concrete has always been the more economical option, but with material shortages and other COVID-era related industry impacts, the price of concrete and rebar has risen dramatically and now sits quite close to the average price of custom pavers. It’s never been a better time to ask about the custom pavers you’ve always wanted!

Custom Gates, Fences & More FAQs

Materials are so subjective; while wood has always been a solid, reliable option, the continuous maintenance, brutal SoCal heat and drastically increased price post-pandemic, has made many lovers of traditional wood rethink their options. Vinyl has become a popular lower cost option that looks great but doesn’t quite have the staying power of more durable materials. Wrought iron is high end, strong and lasts, but rust must be considered and it is by far the most expensive option out there. Then there is the ever more popular aluminum fencing. Higher grade, powder coated materials like 4K Aluminum and Alumission offer a wide range of beautiful, on-trend options for custom gates and fencing to complement even the newest, most modern home designs – that are both beautiful AND durable.

 A number of considerations will factor into your project’s estimate: is there a current wall/fence that needs demo/haul away? What kind of access is there for both work crew and a Bobkat for instance? What material(s) do I want? How high do I want the fence to be? Is there a permitting fee involved? These are just a few things to consider before starting your project.


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