4K Patio Covers

4K vs Aluma-, Elite-, Dura-, Wether- Wood Products

4K Line:

  • Extruded aluminum 6061 T6 aircraft alloy.
  • Best primer coat, gold chromate before powder coating.
  • 20-year warranty on material and paint
    rated for up to 170 mph winds!
  • Moisture and high heat resistance, won’t rust or fade.
  • Cantilever span to 16’, no outside posts!!
  • Span limits of 20’-33’ between 2 posts depending on beam size… impossible with wood or any of our aluminum competitors.
Elite L.A. Patios - 4K vs Aluma...

Alumawood and All Similar Aluminum Brands:

  • Very thin roll-formed material, with an unsightly wood grain finish.
  • No primer coats, the paint will fade and chip.
  • The lattice tube is so thin at .024mm that the max span is >5ft without rafters.
  • Rafters and beams are roll-formed & also very thin.
  • Posts are roll-formed material with .048 thickness & require an insert for support and can easily dent with any daily bumps and collisions.
  • Not high wind, heat, or moisture rated; can dent, rust, or rip off attached structure.

4K Aluminum is a revolutionary aluminum line of building material that Elite LA Patios uses in the bones of every frame and every structure we build. Why? The answer is simple… It’s literally the best building material on the market right now. All of the quality, beauty, and advantages of wood and steel, without any of the drawbacks! No wood rot, termites, or yearly upkeep, no bowing of the beams after 10 feet, no rusting or high heat, and without the astronomical price tag of steel and lumber! There’s a lot to love about this material, which is why Elite L.A. Patios uses it for just about everything, but we fully bring out its potential in our 4K patio covers.

Elite L.A. Patios - What's So Special About 4K Aluminum

What's So Special About 4K Aluminum?

4K Aluminum line is military grade 6160 T6 aircraft alloy, the highest available on the civilian market. Its gold chromate primer and powder-coat paint finish make it durable and beautiful for years to come. There’s a reason 4K Aluminum puts 20 years warranty on their paint and material. It’s available in 5 gorgeous diamond-finish powder-coat paint colors: Espresso, White, Apollo Gray, Adobe Tan, and our newest color Jet Black!

A Versatile Line to Suit Every Need

The material line is available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and heights.

Beams start at 2 x 4 and go all the way up to our monstrous commercial grade 2 x 10s in the length of 16 feet all the way up to 33 feet long!

And with unrivaled engineering, our material can span up to 33 FEET between two posts with a 2×8 beam and cantilever an impressive 16 feet, NO outside posts, straps, or supports!

Posts are available in the modest 4×4 up to the massive 8×8, ranging from 8 feet up to 14 feet high. Lattices come in a variety of sizes from 1×1 to 2×2 to 3×3 to 1×4, allowing you to use your imagination, area limitations, and budget to design the perfect structure for your space.

Elite L.A. Patios - A Versatile Line to Suit Every Need
Elite L.A. Patios - The Possibilities Are Endless

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Although originally designed and intended for the building of pergolas and cantilever structures, 4K Aluminum has quickly become useful to us here at Elite LA Patios in designing and building a whole host of other complements to your structure.

Beautiful privacy walls or TV backdrops on your pergola, custom fences and gates to match your structure, custom pool equipment covers to hide unsightly machinery, artistic yard art backdrops for bare walls using our laser-cut panels, and custom shelving for outdoor kitchen areas. The list goes on and on.

You ask us what can we build with 4K Aluminum. The question is what CAN’T we build? Whether you need a 4K patio cover or you’re just interested in a 4K aluminum pergola, we have you covered.

4K Pergo-Soleil

Designer, laser-cut panels cut from a plain aluminum sheet, 5052 alloy. Each design fits a standard size sheet 4’x8’, powder coated with a guaranteed 20-year warranty. Our panels can be used for residential artistic accents and commercial applications like shades, privacy panels, fencing, yard art, etc. When you need high-quality 4K aluminum patio covers, you need Elite L.A. Patios.

Shade & Art Wall Panels

Elite L.A. Patios - 4K Pergo Soleil


Our 4K Aluminum line is fully extruded, military grade aluminum with a top of the line powder coat paint finish, done during manufacturing. It is thick and incredibly heavy and sturdy; unlike other lighter aluminum options, whose thinner and conventionally painted surfaces are susceptible to chips, dents, rust and corrosion.

Currently dark espresso brown, apollo gray, quartz white and adobe tan, and black which made its debut in Spring 2022.

Depending on which material, our hardscaping, 4K aluminum and Alumission fencing are readily available with short  wait times. Third party integrations like insulated foam roof panels, special order sizing, or polycarbonate and composite options make carry separate wait times out of our control depending on availability case by case.

We offer a limited 20 YEAR warranty on all our 4K aluminum product, both for the material and powder coat paint finish.

We do carry a wide range of solid roof options from polycarbonate clear options, to solid, insulated and non-insulated panels, to motorized louver roof options.


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