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Elite L.A. Patios - The Best Aluminum Patio Covers

When you want to create a luxurious and durable outdoor living space, aluminum patio covers are an excellent choice. While there are numerous companies and options available on the market, Elite L.A. Patios stands out as the professional luxury outdoor living specialist that customers can rely on. They provide the best aluminum patio covers in Southern California and are reviewed highly on platforms like Google and Yelp. In this article, we will go over the differences between 4K Aluminum, which Elite L.A. Patios specializes in, and Alumawood, as well as other similar aluminum brands.

The 4K Aluminum Line: The Best Aluminum Patio Covers Option

The 4K Aluminum line of aluminum patio covers provides exceptional versatility and durability in creating your outdoor living space. Crafted from extruded aluminum 6061 T6 aircraft alloy, these metal patio covers are made to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their structural integrity for years to come. Additionally, these covers have such a high-quality material that they are resistant to fading, rust, and other damage caused by moisture and high levels of heat.

One of the best features that stand out of the 4K Aluminum line is its cantilever design, which allows up to a 16-foot span without the need for any outside posts. This gives owners a clean and open space design space for their patio and eliminates the need for obstructive posts. On top of that, the 4K Aluminum line offers impressive span limits of 20 to 33 feet between two posts, depending on the beam size. This is nearly an impossible feature to achieve with wood of other aluminum competitors, making the 4K Aluminum line a superior choice for larger patio spaces.

Furthermore, patio cover owners of the 4K Aluminum line can relax comfortably as it boasts a 20-year warranty on both the material and paint, a testament to its exceptional quality and longevity. These metal patio covers provide superior protection against the elements with their primer coat of gold chromate before powder coating. Strong winds are also a non-issue as they can withstand gusts up to 170 mph, making them the go-to patio cover in strong wind areas.

Alumawood and Similar Aluminum Brands: Limited Durability and Inferior Quality

Alumawood and other similar brands, in comparison to the 4K Aluminum line, fall short in terms of durability and quality for aluminum patio structures. Alumawood utilizes very thin roll-formed material with an unsightly wood grain finish, giving it a less appealing appearance. Alumawood also lacks primer coats, unlike the 4K Aluminum line, making its paint more susceptible to chipping and fading over time.

Additionally, the lattice tube is significantly thinner with Alumawood at .024mm. This limits its maximum span to less than 5 feet without the need for rafters. Having this restriction can impede the desire for an open feel of the patio space. Moreover, the roll-formed rafters and beams in Alumawood are also thin, which compromises their overall durability and strength.

Alumawood and similar brands also have another drawback in their use of roll-formed posts with a thickness of .048mm. With this small thickness, these posts require additional support inserts and are prone to denting with everyday collisions and bumps. Additionally, they lack high wind, heat, or moisture resistance which makes them more susceptible to denting, rusting, and detachment from the attached structure.

When it comes to choosing the best aluminum patio covers, the 4K Aluminum line offered by Elite L.A. Patios stands as the go-to choice. With their high-quality extruded aluminum, superior primer coating, impressive span limits, and exceptional warranty, the 4K Aluminum line provides unmatched versatility and durability for your outdoor living space for aluminum patio structures.

In contrast, Alumawood and similar aluminum brands fall short in terms of offering material quality, paint longevity, and structural strength.

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  1. We have a 48’ x 24’ area that can be covered and we would like the cover(s) to be at least 9-10’ tall. Modern, contemporary, beefy look is desired. We are ready to start as soon as we find the best quality/value proposition by a reputable company. Louvered pergola prices are too expensive so we’re going with a solid cover to create our outdoor “California Room.” We look forward to hearing your ideas asap!!

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